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Horizontal Blinds

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Graber Classic Horizontal Blinds offer a classic look while providing privacy, light control, durability, ease of operation and a wide color selection - all at an affordable price. Graber Aluminum Blinds feature Advanced Finishing Technology with a durable, anti-static finish that repels dust, is scratch and stain resistant, and comes in many color choices. 2" Designer Vinyl Blinds provides extra-thick gauge PVC slats with superior privacy, durability and energy efficiency.

  • Micro Supreme Blinds

    Micro Supreme Blinds features a 6-gauge aluminum, Micro 1/2" slat. They also offer superior light-blocking headrail design in 55 designer colors.

  • Performance Supreme Blinds

    Increased performance is provided through Graber Performance Supreme Blinds that features heavy-duty 8-gauge aluminum and 1" slat. They come in 102 beautiful designer colors. Superior light-blocking headrail design. Available in cordless.

  • Classics Supreme Blinds

    Classics Supreme Blinds, made with 6-gauge aluminum and 1" slats, include a superior light-blocking headrail and come available with a cordless option. 

  • Classics 1" Aluminum Blinds

    Our Classics collection provides durability with a heavy-duty steel headrail. These blinds also feature a 1" slat and 6-gauge aluminum and are available in 52 classic colors. 

  • Graber Insignia Blinds

    Our Insignia Blinds are made with a 1" slat and 6-gauge aluminum and come in 40 modern colors. The most economical choice in mini blinds. 

  • 2" Designer Vinyl Blinds

    2" Designer Vinyl Blinds feature non-leaded, moisture-proof vinyl formulation slat perfect for high-humidity locations, as well as patented SureClose® headrail for optimum light control. 

  • Grandeur Aluminum Blinds

    Our Grandeur Aluminum Blinds are made with 8-gauge aluminum and 2" slats and come in 20 colors. These blinds feature patented SureClose® headrail for optimum light control. 

Cornices and Valences


Slide-Vue™ Vertical Cellular Shades

Bring coordinated cellular style and energy efficiency to wide windows, patio doors, closet doors and even room dividers with Slide-Vue Cellular Shades. Slide-Vue Cellular Shades are available in all three cell sizes and all four opacities, and new rail colors including White Satin, Cream and Milk Chocolate make it easy to coordinate with any décor.

Corded Lift System

Standard Cord Lift System

The color-coordinated standard cord includes a cordlock, which holds the cord securely in place at any position.

Cordless Lift System

Cordless Lift System

Cordless blinds and shades are a safe solution, ideal for homes with children or pets. Plus, the elimination of the lift cord presents a clean, attractive appearance.

Continuous Loop Lift System

Continuous Loop Lift System

The Continuous Loop Lift System makes it easy to raise large shades while maintaining a constant cord length.

Bottom up / Top Down

Bottom Up/Top Down Corded

The Bottom Up/Top Down option allows you to lower the shades from the top or raise them from the bottom. This allows you to maintain privacy or screen an unwanted view while letting natural light come in.


Bottom Up/Top Down Cordless

This feature offers the same benefits as Bottom Up/Top Down corded, but with a safe and sleek cordless operating system.

Top Down

Top Down

Lowers from the top (only) to maintain privacy while allowing natural light to come in from the top. Operated with Continuous Loop Lift System.

Sun Up/Sun Down for Cellular

Sun Up/Sun Down for Cellular

Get two shades in one by combining fabrics of different styles, colors or privacy levels. For example, combine sheer and blackout fabrics to gently diffuse light through the day and have absolute privacy when you need it. For Cellular Shades, 3/8" single-cell and 3/8" double-cell fabrics can be combined on one shade (3/4" single-cell fabrics cannot be combined with a different cell size).

SkyTrack™ Skylight

SkyTrack™ Skylight

This feature is ideal for skylights, protecting furnishings from damaging sunlight and reducing heat gain and loss, and it is easily operated with a handle mounted to a moving rail, or with an optional telescoping pole. May also be used on regular window applications, eliminating all light gaps on the sides of the shades.

Motorization System

Motorization System

Motorization makes the operation of heavy or hard-to-reach shades easy. Raise or lower multiple shades with a hand-held control or wall switch. An automatic timer operates the shades for security when you're away, and a cordless design eliminates safety hazards. Ideal for those with special needs and homes with children or pets.

Window Treatment Benefits

  • Privacy
  • best
  • Light Control
  • best
  • Energy Efficiency
  • best
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • better
  • Suited for High Humidity
  • less than good
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