What to Consider

  • Consider Your Space

    It is important to consider how the window covering will affect the living space and what needs will be met by the window covering. Consider:

    • Desired light levels
    • Function of the room
    • What the window is providing
  • Consider Your Style

    It is important to choose a window covering that compliments the decor of the room. Consider:

    • Decorating style
    • Colors
    • Material of the Window Covering
  • Consider Your Needs

    There are many window covering products that will meet your needs. Consider:

    • Cost
    • Privacy

    • Energy Reduction: Insulation/Light Reflection
    • Easy Cleaning

Exterior Window Coverings

Exterior window treatments (roll screens, habitat screens, and roll shutters)
require additional considerations. Consider:

  • Options, such as Shade Plus, motorization, wind and sun sensors
  • Height
  • Strength of the building the treatment is attached to
  • The angle of the sun
  • Size of the area to be covered
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Insulation
  • Protection from extreme weather